Waterstones Bookstore

Waterstones Bookstore – 20% Off Bestsellers & Other Deals

Enjoy some big discounts at Waterstones online bookstore this week, with up to 20% off many bestsellers and a range of other deals. Also, “Read for Ukraine!”. In response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Waterstones bookstore have come together with a range of publishers and authors and launched #ReadForUkraine. 100% of the sales of the hand-picked selection of books from the Waterstones #ReadForUkraine page will go to Oxfam’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

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Microsoft Windows

How to Hide the Windows Taskbar

If you’re fed up with all of those little icons staring back at you from the Windows Taskbar, eyeing your every move, or if maybe you want an extra half-inch of screen real-estate, then it’s really simple to just hide the Windows taskbar, and then have it appear as you need it. You can do this is in about five seconds or less. I’ll show you how.

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Windows 10

Windows 10: Remove the Weather Widget from Taskbar

If you’re one of the masses who craves for a weather-widget-free taskbar in Windows 10, then help is at hand. Here I’m going to show you how you can quickly turn off that annoying weather widget/gadget in the Windows 10 taskbar. I’m not quite sure why this weather thingy (widget? gadget? feature?) bothers me so much, but I really don’t care for it being there, taking up space and smirking at me all day long!

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Moss Bros

Moss Bros for Menswear, Suits and Formalwear

Moss Bros. was established over 165 years ago, and has been the UK’s leading retailer for men’s suits. for many decades. No matter the occasion, or whatever your style, Moss Bros is almost certain to have the ideal suit for you. Whether you’re looking for wedding attire, a business suit, or something smart  for an evening out, Moss Bros is the ideal retailer for your sartorial needs.

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