Interflora Flower Service

Interflora is an international flower delivery service that allows customers to send flowers, plants, and gifts to recipients in over 140 countries around the world. With a network of over 55,000 affiliated florists in the majority of countries around the world, Interflora Flowers is one of the largest and most well-known flower delivery companies on the planet. Whatever the occasion, and no matter the destination, you can be almost certain that Interflora can deliver the most amazing of bouquets and floral arrangements.

Interflora Flowers

Interflora Flowers. Worldwide Delivery.

Interflora Flower Service

Not surprisingly, Interflora's main product is its bouquet delivery service, which allows customers to send bouquets of fresh flowers around the globe. Whether you're looking to send flowers to friends, or family and loved ones, or even for business occasions, Interflora has you covered! Customers will find a wide range of bespoke bouquet options from which to select, from classic arrangements or modern designs, to seasonal bouquets. Customized bouquets may also be chosen, by selecting from a variety of seasonal flowers, colors, and sizes.

Beyond bouquets! In addition to gorgeously-designed bouquets, Interflora also offers a variety of plants for delivery, including indoor plants, outdoor plants, and gift plants. These plants can be sent as gifts for any occasion, or simply as a way to brighten up someone's home or office.

Interflora flower service also offers a goodly range of gift options, such as chocolates, teddy bears, and champagne. These can be added to a bouquet or plant delivery to create an even more personalized gift. Additionally, a selection of gift hampers also hits the mark; these include a variety of items such as gourmet food, wine, and pampering products.

Interflora Flowers

Flowers Delivered Worldwide with Interflora

As one might well presume from its name, one of the best-known features of Interflora is its international delivery service, which allows customers to send flowers, plants, and gifts to recipients in over 140 countries around the world. This is a convenient option for those who have loved ones living abroad or who want to send a special gift to someone overseas.

In addition to its delivery services, Interflora Flowers also offers a range of online resources and tools for customers. This includes a flower care guide, which provides tips and advice on how to care for and extend the lifespan of cut flowers, as well as a super-helpful flower dictionary, which assists customers in understanding the symbolism and meaning behind different types of flowers.

Flowers from Sustainable Sources

Interflora is committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers. The company sources its flowers from responsible and sustainable sources, and works with its affiliated florists to ensure that every bouquet and plant delivery is of the highest quality. Interflora also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that customers are completely happy with their purchases.

Overall, Interflora is a reliable and convenient way for customers to send flowers, plants, and gifts to loved ones around the world. With a wide range of products and delivery options, Interflora makes it easy to surprise and delight someone special, no matter where they are.

Interflora Flower Service

Other Gift Ideas

Flowers are an almost-guaranteed hit with whomever the recipient is, but you may also like to consider chocolates too. Interflora itself has flowers with chocolate options, but you can also find some excellent chocolate gift ideas at Thorntons Confectionary and Cadburys.

Flowers from Arena

Of course, Interflora Flowers are not the only online flower delivery service. Another well-known online flower service is that of Arena Flowers, which consistently ranks as one of the most ethical and environmentally-conscious companies in the UK. Like Interflora, Arena Flowers has a very wide selection of beautiful flowers to send, though it's international reach is limited. However, if you're sending flowers within the UK, and you want fast delivery from an enviro-conscious and ethical company, you certainly can't do much better than Arena Flowers.

Arena Flowers

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