Gardening Direct – Bedding Plants, Seeds, Bulbs and more

Gardening Direct is a mail order bedding plant nursery which is based in Jersey. Gardening Direct sell a full year-round range of Jersey-grown bedding plants, shrubs and bulbs across the UK suitable for all types of gardening, from the beginning gardener hobbyist with a balcony garden box to the serious professional gardener. And all direct to the customer's door.

Gardening Direct UK Website
Gardening Direct

Gardening Direct, UK

Gardening Direct's speciality is bedding plants, and their focus is on the two main seasons, spring and autumn. However, customers can also find plenty of winter and Christmas product offerings too, providing the avid gardener with a year-round selection of products.

As any experienced gardener will attest, the right bedding plants are an integral part of any garden design, and are the difference between an average garden and a spectacular one. With Gardening Direct you can be inspired with firm favourites such as Geraniums, Petunias and Begonias, among numerous other popular varieties too. Whether you're looking to impress with scented delights or sensuous cascading beauties you'll find  something to suit any garden space, large or small, balcony or patio, beginner or expert!

Gardening Direct

Gardening Direct, for Bedding Plants and more

At the time of writing, gardeners can find all of the following bedding plants available for purchase:

Aster; Bacopa; Begonia; Bellis; Bidens; Busy Lizzie; Calendula; Calibrachoa; Chrysanthemum; Coleus; Cosmos; Dahlia; Dianthus; Fuchsia; Gazania; Geranium; Gerbera; Impatiens; Lobelia; Lofos; Marigold; Mixed Bedding; Nicotiana; Osteospermum; Pansy; Petunia; Phlox; Polyanthus; Primrose; Primula; Sweet William; Sweet Peas; Thungergia; Verbena; Viola; Wallflower.

However, if you're looking for bulbs, seeds or plants, then there are more than plenty of those to choose from too, including artificial plants, climbing plants, perennials, fruit plants, and much else.

Also available are all the accessories you need too, such as compost, garden tools, planters, bird tables, plant feed, and the like. In fact, there's really not much that any avid gardener or garden designer won't find. And the Outdoor Living section of the website lists all manner of garden products, from lawnmowers to obelisks, pagodas, garden benches, lattices, cold-frames, and much more than we can list here. Suffice it to say that if you've not yet visited the Gardening Direct website, then we encourage you to pay a visit. You're certain to find all kinds of great products which you may not find elsewhere.

Gardening Direct UK Website