Learning English Grammar

Couldn’t Care Less vs Could Care Less

Couldn’t Care Less or Could Care Less? When people use this expression, what they’re basically trying to say is that they really don’t care whatsoever about whatever it is that is being referred to. However, it’s actually pretty common to see this written incorrectly and many times even spoken incorrectly – even by people who should know much better.

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Windows 10

Microsoft Windows Dark-Mode / Color Filters

Use the built-in features of Windows to create an easy on/off dark-mode for your computer, without needing to install any add-ons or extensions, and without even downloading anything. Create your own unique dark-style to limit brightness or dim colors, and save your eyes! Using the features which already exist on your computer, you can create various dark-modes and color schemes using the easy-to-use color filters.

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GIMP - Image Manipulation Program

GIMP – How to Make a Background Transparent in GIMP

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, macOS, Windows and for other operating systems too. Here’s how to create image transparency in GIMP. Sometimes you may want the whole background transparent, or other times just a portion, such as making transparent rounded corners. Learn how to make transparent backgrounds in GIMP.

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Lambs of the Ocean

Ocean Sheep – The Mammals You Never Knew Existed

Ocean Sheep is a creative work detailing the discovery, and then rediscovery, of legendary underwater sheep – mammals the world forgot. The original discovery – a pursuit once derided by Charles Darwin as a foolish pursuit of “an excited or rebellious imagination” – proved the sheep’s existence, but also proved a costly career move for their discoverer, Dr. Arthur Li. Prepared to protect their reputations at all costs, Darwin’s associates and the scientific community abandoned Dr. Li, and an early death consigned his research to history. Until now.

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Avon Cosmetics

Avon Cosmetics, UK: The World`s Leading Direct Seller of Beauty Products

Avon is the world’s leading direct seller of beauty and related products and one of the UK’s leading sellers of mass beauty products. Avon also sells an attractive range of fashion jewellery, lingerie, fashion accessories and gifts. In the UK alone, Avon reaches nearly eight million customers through its ‘direct to consumer’ channels. At the Avon cosmetics website customers can shop the whole range of Avon products, with top-notch beauty products and gifts for the entire family. Look good – shop Avon!

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Austin Reed, UK

Austin Reed, UK – Fashion Retailer

Austin Reed was a presence on the British high-street for over a hundred years, its first retail location opening in London in 1900. Originally Austin Reed stores catered only for menswear, and their fashionable styles competed with other popular menswear stores of the time such as Burton Menswear and Moss Bros (each of which still exists). In the 1980’s the range of clothing expanded to include a line of womenswear, which itself was very popular.

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