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No matter what phone service you're using right now, there's a pretty good chance that switching to a Google Fi Phone Plan will not only save you some money, but will also give you greater coverage and better options than you have right now. If you've never heard of Google Fi  phone service before, then you're certainly not alone, although it's been around for a few years now, even if flying just a little under most people's radar. You can also get Fi coverage in pretty much every part of the world. (although, as of March 2022, this Google service is available for US residents only, with a current US address.). And, no roaming charges.

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So, you can sign up for the Fi service without any activation fees or contracts, and you can also keep your existing phone number too, if you wish to switch from an existing provider.

Lots of phone service companies offer all kinds of bells and whistles which sound great, but often times you don't even need them or take advantage of them. With Google's service you can choose a plan which suits your needs more closely.

Fi Phone service

Google's Phone Service

The Fi service has phone plans designed to meet just about everyone's data needs. You can pay only for the data you use (which is pretty low-cost), or go unlimited. But, if your data needs change, then you can easily switch between plans with just a couple of clicks.

So long as it's compatible with the Google Fi service you can also keep your existing phone as well, although you can also purchase a variety of phones (currently Google, Samsung, and Motorola) in different price points from the Fi store. Most newer Android and iPhone devices work with Google's service, and it's pretty straightforward to get set up at home. No waiting in line anywhere!

If you travel internationally, then you'll love the fact that high-speed data around the world is included with Google Fi service at no extra cost. However, you should probably make sure your destination is on Fi's list of covered countries and territories (currently available in over 200 destinations).

Check Out Google Fi Options

It's easy to vouch for the Google Fi service, since we use it ourselves, but you should check out the details yourself if you're interested. It's unlikely you won't be impressed at the service from Google. Here are just a few other brief points:

You're never locked into Google Fi service
You can easily add someone new to your plan, pause your plan entirely, or even cancel without any hassles or hidden fees whatsoever.
Easily switch between Fi plans
Data needs can change over time, and so to match your data requirements, you can switch plans once a month, for as many times as you want to.
Manage your Google phone service plan from your phone
Can your existing phone plan do all this? Use the Google Fi app to add people to your plan, create data alerts, see the latest phone deals, and get actual support from real people 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Google Fi

Switch to Google Fi