Summer Season at Scotts of Stow

The new Summer Season 2022 is now available at Scotts of Stow, with fresh ideas for your kitchen, home and garden. Choose from Scotts of Stow Bergman Stainless Steel Hose, Solar-Powered Tree Trunk Fountain Bird Baths or even Faux Topiary LED Obelisk, among many other summery delights! If there's one place to find everything you want for the Summer home and garden (and much else which you never even knew you wanted) then head over to the Scotts website for inspiration! Below, we list just a few of the products and offers currently available.

Scotts of Stow Summer Season

Scotts of Stow Summer Season

Ceramic Bird Bath
Birds need a good source of water, and birds having a bath are fun to watch. These pretty bird baths are made from glazed terracotta, one a mottled green the other a grey blue.
Price: £34.95

Bergman® Stainless Steel Hose
Virtually indestructible, this hose is encased in high-quality stainless steel that will stand up to almost any punishment. You can drag it over thorny bushes, sharp tools and stone steps without any damage, and it will glide over obstacles where other hoses tend to snag.
Price: From £29.95

Solar-Powered Tree Trunk Fountain Bird Bath
There’s nothing like the sound of gently trickling water to bring peace and tranquillity to a garden. This charming water feature uses solar power to create a miniature fountain that cascades down the trunk into a hollow for birds to bathe in.
Price: £159.95

Decoy Owl Bird Scarer
This owl decoy has a couple of tricks up its wings to help protect your plants. Set it up near your seedlings. The wind will rotate the owl’s head, and light will reflect from its lifelike eyes, deterring pigeons and other problem birds.
Price: £29.95

Summer Scatter Cushion 43cm sq
Designed to complement both our own faux wicker garden furniture range or any other garden furniture, this cushion will give an instant new look, while giving older garden furniture a refreshing lift.
Price: £19.95

Vacuum Bags With Own Pump - Pack of 10
These vacuum bags will revolutionise your storage. Pack away out-of-season clothes, bedding, skiwear and more, reducing them to a fraction of their normal size. Simply pop into these bags, vacuum out air with the hand pump provided and seal.
Price: £19.95

Paint Edger
This clever paint edger saves you time masking off window, walls and light switches. The special roller paints precisely right up to the edges. Meanwhile, the brush adjuster and no-smear shield keep paint off fixtures, trims and ceilings.
Price: £19.95

Slug & Snail Trap
Slugs and snails simply can’t resist beer, so here’s an effective way to rid your garden of these pests. Simply bury this trap in the soil and pour a drop of beer into the base. Slugs are attracted by the beer, but quickly become disorientated and are unable to exit.
Price: £14.95

Clip-On Polarised Sun Lenses
Ideal for bright days, these polarised sun lenses clip on to your usual glasses. They provide full UVB, UV400 and polarised protection. Easy to attach, you can trim them to shape for a perfect fit.
Price: £14.95

Faux Topiary LED Obelisk
Convincingly realistic, this faux topiary tree is the hassle-free choice for reluctant gardeners. Because it’s artificial it never loses its perfect height and shape, and it needs no maintenance so you don’t need to worry about shortage of sunshine or summer droughts.
Price: £69.95

Telescopic Bug Bat
There’s no escape for mosquitos, midges or flies if they settle on ceilings or in corners. The handle extends to over 1 metre and you can adjust the angle of the racquet head. Push the button to activate the zap.
Price: £14.95

If you haven't shopped with Scotts of Stow before, then be sure to check out their website. It's not the usual run of the mill selection you'll find elsewhere, and you're sure to be intrigued with many of the products you find there.

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