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With an impressive retail pedigree stretching all the way back to the eighteenth century, it's not unreasonable to conclude that WH Smith knows a thing or two about books and stationery. And, with more than 1,200 locations, including high-street retail, airports, railway stations, and similar properties, there's a pretty good chance you've shopped at a WH Smith bookshop more than a few times, if only for a newspaper or magazine.

WH Smith Bookshop

WH Smith Bookshop - Books. Stationery, Toys & more

WH Smith Online Bookstore

Although you may be familiar with snatching a magazine or newspaper from WH Smith at the airport or motorway service station, there's a lot more to this iconic brand than just books and magazines. At the WHS website you'll also find all manner of gifts, games and toys, as well as a big selection of office supplies, arts and craft products, calligraphy items and music. And, besides CDs, a variety of vinyl recordings also grace the virtual shelves.

WH Smith Prince Harry Book

WH Smith: Prince Harry Book, Spare

Of course, there are also few better places to score a bargain on new releases than WH Smith bookshop. No matter if you're a fan of fact or fiction, there's a good chance that a visit to WHS will save you some money. And, there's no doubt that WHS is an ideal place to find some good gift ideas too, whether it's in the form of a magazine subscription, gift card, luxury pen set, or any number of other products at the WHS UK website.

Prince Harry Book, Spare

Unfortunately for Christmas shoppers, the delay to Prince Harry's book "Spare", means it won't be available for the holiday season. However, the delay is not enormous, and will now be released on January 10th, 2023. Whatever your thoughts on the prospective publication, it's certain to be pretty popular, even if only in the same manner as rubber-necking a car crash. Anyway, car wreck or not, WH Smith is now taking pre-orders for Prince Harry's new book at 50% off!

What Else Can I Find at WH Smith Website?

A good question! Naturally, the best way to see what's available at the online WHS store is to speed along there yourself and check it out, but meanwhile here's an overview:

WH Smith Christmas Store:
Christmas Wrapping Paper, Christmas Cards, Advent Calendars, Christmas Crackers, Christmas Lights & Decorations, Christmas Gift Inspiration & Ideas, Top Toys for Christmas, Gifts Bags & Boxes, Christmas Craft Supplies

Biography & Autobiography Books, Children's Books, Food & Drink Books, Education Books, Fiction Books, Graphic Novels & Manga Books, Travel Guides & Maps Books, View All Travel Guides & Maps Books, Maps, Atlases & Globes, Highway Code & Transport, Travel Writing, Travel & Holiday Guides, Camping & Caravans, Phrase Books, Pub, Restaurant & Hotel Guides, Speciality Travel, Family & Child Friendly Holidays, Teen & Young Adult Books, Other Non Fiction Books, Book Charts, New Releases

Pencil Cases, Pens, Notepads & Paper, Filing & Folders, Student Essentials, Stationery Collections, Diaries, Calendars & Planners, Filofax, Storage, Stationery Supplies, View All Stationery Supplies, Staplers & Hole Punchers, Glues, Tapes & Adhesives, Stationery Sundries, Scissors & Cutting, Correction & Erasers, Desk Organisation, Stationery Sets, Desk Pads & Paper, Revision Stationery

Lego at WH Smith

Lego Toys at WH Smith

Office Supplies:
Envelopes & Packaging, Office Machines, Printer Ink & Toner, Computing & Mobile Accessories, View All Computing & Mobile Accessories, Optical Media, Data Storage by PNY & HP, Norton Cyber Safety, Mice & Keyboards, Cables, Power Banks & Battery Packs, Headphones, Headsets & Speakers, Laptop Bags and Tablet Cases, Office Paper, Pads & Labels, Legal & Accounting, Boards & Presentation, Files & Storage, Office Furniture, Office Essentials

Arts & Craft Supplies:
Art Accessories, Calligraphy, Collecting Albums, Refills & Accessories, Colouring, Craft Essentials, View All Craft Essentials, Craft Kits, Craft Paper & Card, Blank Cards & Envelopes, Craft Embellishments, Craft Cutting, Craft Glue, Craft Pens, Craft Paints, Decoupage Shapes & Paper, Christmas Craft Supplies, Drawing & Sketching, Kids' Art & Craft, Painting, Scrapbooking, Sketchpads, Cards & Canvas

Toys, Games & Puzzles:
Jigsaw Puzzles, Board Games, Video Games and Accessories, Soft Toys, Gadget Shop Toys, Card Games, View All Card Games, Top Trumps, Decks of Cards, Quiz, Other Card Games, Travel Games, LEGO, Puzzle & Word Games, Outdoor Toys & Games, Educational Toys, Games & Resources

Often a favourite haunt for many a music fan, WHS naturally has a wide range of music and film products as well, though far too many to mention here. Suffice it to say that the range of music and CDs and DVDs is extensive, and there's a good chance that WHS will have exactly what you're looking for.

For those more familiar with the WHS of old, you'll no doubt be pleased to know that the traditional WH Smith staple products, such as greeting cards, wrapping paper, photo albums and picture frames are all still available, both in-store and online.

Other Cool Stuff ...

In the spirit of Peter Pan, and in the interests of keeping our inner child alive, many shoppers or gift-seekers may be interested in the Model Zone at WHS website. This is where the cool stuff lives! By cool, we naturally mean anything branded with Scalextric, Hornby, Airfix or Corgi! Yes, each of these brands is still alive and well, and WH Smith has plenty of them. Here's a quick breakdown of what's available on site.

Hornby Train Sets, Hornby Locomotives, Hornby Wagons & Coaches, Hornby Accessories, Hornby Themes

Scalextric Sets, Scalextric Cars, Scalextric Track, Scalextric Power & Control, Scalextric Accessories, Scalextric Themes,

Airfix Sets, Airfix Aircraft, Airfix Vehicles, Airfix Ships, Airfix Themes, Airfix Humbrol Paints

Corgi Vehicles, Corgi CHUNKIES, Corgi Themes

Each of Scalextric, Airfix and Corgi also have product lines exclusive to WH Smith, so be sure to check those out.

WH Smith Bookshop

WH Smith Bookshop

Other online UK bookstores which may interest you include Waterstones and Foyles, each of which has an enormous selection of books to browse.