zChocolat’s Easter Egg: a Mouthwatering Masterpiece

The Z Easter Egg, from zChocolat, is a heavenly mouthwatering masterpiece. One need only taste this chocolate jewel to understand. The zChocolat Easter egg is designed with a sharp angular edge reminiscent of the iconic shape of the world-renowned Numbered Collection. zChocolat’s Easter Egg honors one of the most celebrated Paschal symbols and traditions that transcend geographical regions and religions.

zChocolate Easter Eggs

zChocolate Easter Eggs

zChocolat (correctly spelled zChocolat, and not zChocolate), is a French chocolatier, with a reputation for the very finest chocolate products and superb customer service. Chocolates may be delivered worldwide, and are shipped in special containers appropriate for the weather, hot or cold. So, no matter what the season, or where you're sending them, you can be sure they'll arrive in good order.

Just for this Easter season, world champion chocolatier Pascal Caffet traded his toque blanche for an Easter regalia to reinvent this remarkable Easter recipe. The crisp and crunchy two-millimeter-thick outer shell is made from 70% delectably dark chocolate couverture* of Venezuela and Madagascar origins. It is the perfect contrast and couverture for its light brown, soft, smooth, sweet, thick, and creamy core made from 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate and 32% Piedmontese hazelnut praliné. It is surprisingly sprinkled with slow-roasted hazelnuts, carefully caramelized, and painstakingly pounded into playful pieces of pleasure. With over half-a-pound of gastronomic goodness, this sweetest symbol of Easter is designed to be shared among loved ones.

Also, as noted recently, zChocolat continue to double the amount of chocolate at no additional cost on all orders placed online through the zChocolat website.

* Couverture - Couverture chocolate is a chocolate that contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter than baking or regular eating chocolate. The additional cocoa butter, combined with proper tempering, gives the chocolate more sheen, and a firmer "snap" when broken, and has a creamy mellow flavor.

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