ELLE Bamboo Socks at Sock Shop

Browse the Sock Shop and ELLE collaboration and explore the new range of socks, tights and shoe liners made from natural bamboo. Head over to the Sock Shop UK online store to try out the cooling, moisture wicking and antibacterial socks for yourself! We have listed some of the current special deals available on ELLE bamboo socks at Sock Shop right now.

Sock Shop UK

Sock Shop UK

1 Pair Bamboo Shoe Liners Ladies - ELLE
These seamless shoe liners are near-invisible in most shoes, even those low sided court shoes.
SockShop Price £3.99

1 Pair Brushed Inside Bamboo Tights Ladies - ELLE
These tights are constructed with smooth, flat seams and a full panel gusset, making them easy to wear all day long.
SockShop Price £9.99

3 Pair Young Plain Bamboo Socks Girls - ELLE
Young Elle Plain Bamboo Socks are ankle high, with gentle elastication at the tops and flat hand linked toes for smooth seams that help protect delicate feet from rubbing.
Was £6.99 Now £1.99

2 Pair Lacy Bamboo Anklet Socks Ladies - ELLE
The anklet socks have thicker, opaque toes, heels and cuffs for durability, finished by the flattest hand linked toes for smooth seams to make them extra comfortable and protect you from skin irritation.
Was £9.99 Now £2.99

2 Pair Plain Bamboo Over The Knee Socks Ladies - ELLE
Silky soft and smooth, these over the knee socks are the height of fashion. They are also made from natural, environmentally friendly yarn from Bamboo.
SockShop Price £11.99

If you've never shopped with SockShop before, then now is a great time to head over to the online Sock Shop store to see what you're missing. You'll find a huge range of socks and accessories which you simply won't find elsewhere. Plus, you'll get some great ideas for gifts too!

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