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On the premise that one can never have too many socks, shoppers may like to save up to 12% off their orders at Sock Shop right now. And, of course, there are also lots of interesting gift ideas as Sock Shop too. So, whether you're looking for some extra socks for yourself, or a gift, you're going to find some great savings at Sock Shop UK.

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Indeed, these days SockShop have also moved far beyond just offering a unique and stylish range of socks, and you'll find hats and headwear, scarves, gloves, slippers, fleece blankets, ties and pocket squares, fold up shoes, insoles and foot care products too.

For ladies, a wide range of tights and hosiery is on offer too, including the following top brands: Aristoc; Calvin Klein; Charnos; Couture; Elbeo; ELLE; FALKE; Heat Holders; Jonathan Aston; Levante; Miss Naughty; Oroblu; Pendeza; Pretty Legs; Pretty Polly; Silky; SOCKSHOP; Thought; Trasparenze, among others.

For men, women, and children alike, customers will find a huge range of products, along with gifts ranging from the easily affordable to more luxury gifts. Products are available in various comfortable materials, including Cotton, Bamboo, Wool, Cashmere, Natural and Organic, and Alpaca.

Here are the details you need to know to make the special Sock Shop savings:

Save Up To 12% Off Orders at Sock Shop.

  • For 10% off all orders - Use Code - AFF10 at Checkout.
  • For 12% off orders over £30 - Use Code - SS12 at Checkout.

Offers expire - Midnight, 3rd-July-2022.

Here are just some of the other offers you can find at Sock Shop right now:

1 Pair Colour Burst Bamboo Socks with Smooth Toe Seams (Men's)
Besides its natural silky feel and softness, bamboo fibre yarn is also able to hold colour really well, which makes the shades in our men’s Colour Burst Bamboo Socks even brighter and pin sharp.
Price: £3.99

2 Pair Half Cushioned Gentle Bamboo Socks with Smooth Toe Seams (Men's)
When it’s time to be kind to your poor, hardworking feet, pull on a pair of our SOCKSHOP Half Cushioned Gentle Bamboo Socks for cuff-to-toe comfort.
Was £7.99 Now £4.99

3 Pair Comfort Cuff Plain Gentle Bamboo Socks with Smooth Toe Seams (Men's)
Comfort Cuff Plain Gentle Bamboo Socks are created to care for everyone’s legs and feet, friendly to all skin types, even sensitive ones. They have specially designed welts that won’t constrict or pinch as they hold up without pressure.
Price: £7.99

3 Pair Footnurse Gentle Grip Diabetic Socks Men's - Iomi
For anyone with diabetes, properly fitting, comfortable socks are more than just a luxury, they’re an essential. Specifically designed, these men’s Iomi Footnurse Gentle Grip Diabetic Socks are cotton rich, soft and breathable, with contoured legs and non-binding HoneyComb Tops that hold without exerting pressure or inhibiting blood circulation.
Price: £9.99

3 Pair Cotton Cushion Sports Socks Men's - Pringle
Complete foot protection with a cotton rich yarn, these men’s Pringle Full Cushion Sports Socks offer superior quality and performance suitable for any sports activity. A crew length ribbed leg keeps the socks securely yet comfortably in place.
Price: £9.99

3 Pair Gentle Bamboo Socks with Smooth Toe Seams in Plains and Stripes (Ladies)
You’ll feel the difference when you wear our SOCKSHOP Gentle Bamboo Socks, with Smooth Toe Seams that won’t rub feet, and comfort cuff welts that hold without constricting your legs.
Price: £7.99

3 Pair Footnurse Gentle Grip Cushioned Foot Diabetic Socks Ladies - Iomi
The last thing anyone living with diabetes need is a circulation-impeding sock. With the extra wide, non-binding legs of these Mens and Ladies Iomi Footnurse Gentle Grip Diabetic Socks, you get a gentle ‘easy-stretch’ feel that fits the contours of your legs without risk of constriction.
Price: £9.99

Ladies 3 Pair SOCKSHOP Patterned Plain and Striped Bamboo Socks
Why go plain when you can go patterned? Available as a mixed multipack set of spotted designs or a collection with geometric fair isle-style patterns, SOCKSHOP Patterned Bamboo Socks are soft, smooth and easy-to-wear ladies’ breathable bamboo rich socks.
Price: £9.99

Ladies 3 Pair Jeep Luxury Terrain Boot Socks
So soft to the touch in a natural, cotton-rich heavyweight yarn knit with a pleasingly chunky feel, these ladies’ Jeep Luxury Terrain Boot Socks, available here as a triple pack, are exactly the socks you need when you’re pulling on those reliable, tough hiking and walking boots, or you’re kitting yourself out for exploring rough, unstable or varied terrains.
Price: £9.99

5 Pair Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Cherry Coke Socks Unisex - Coca Cola
Putting the fizz into footwear, this five pair pack of men’s and ladies official Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Cherry Coke Socks are fresh and cool. Each pair of socks features a detailed woven version of the iconic brand logos on distinctive coloured legs.
Price: £9.99

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