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It's that time of year when retailers are keen to dispose of their remaining summer products and gear up for selling their winter stock. And Sock Shop is no exception. Right now customers can enjoy up to 75% off Sock Shop products in their spectacular end-of-summer sale. However, you'll already find many more seasonal products (such as Christmas socks!) also on sale too.

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It's probably fair to say that you're unlikely to find a more extensive range of socks than at Sock Shop. So, if you've not already experienced the delight of browsing through hundreds, if not thousands, of socks online then, quite simply, you don't know what you're missing! Patterned socks, funny socks, gift socks, bamboo socks, brand-name socks, plain socks, party socks ... You get the idea. If you can't find the perfect pair of socks at Sock Shop, then we'd be very surprised!

Now long since moved on from just being a purveyor of socks, however, Sock Shop now sports many other products too. These include Hats & Headwear, Scarves, Gloves, Slippers, Dressing Gowns, Fleece Blankets, Ties & Pocket Squares, Fold Up Shoes, Insoles & Foot Care. And, you'll also find great gift ideas too, in beautifully presented packaging. While a couple of boring pairs of plain off-the-rack black socks from Marks & Spencer may not quite hit the mark as a Christmas or birthday gift, it's a whole different story when you purchase gifts from Sock Shop. You'll find truly excellent quality socks, in all manner of patterns and material, and with the great packaging you can be sure your gift will be appreciated.

Latest Sock Shop Deals

Okay, so here are just a few of the deals that customers can find at Sock Shop right now, in the end-of-summer sale.

3 Pair Love Me Cotton Gift Boxed Socks Unisex - Happy Socks
In a large and distinctive round box, this limited edition Happy Socks Love Me Cotton Gift Boxed Socks set includes three pairs of fun, ‘smiley face’ design spotted socks, rendered in three different colours, plus an adorable, matching Happy Socks x Love Me pillow with fully embroidered, soft and velvety round cushion.
Was £59.99 Now £14.99

1 Pair Christmas Presents Combed Cotton Socks Unisex - Happy Socks
These fun, festive Happy Socks Christmas Presents Combed Cotton Socks are bright and beautiful in a colourful Swedish design that has been woven in a high quality combed cotton rich blend of fibres, finished with smooth toe seams for a soft, comfortable feel throughout.
Was £11.99 Now £8.99

Happy Socks 2 Pair Friday Night Gift Boxed Socks
If it’s Friday night, then it’s time to kick back and get casual for a laidback weekend - and also time to consign your serious week day workday socks to the wash basket and pull on a pair of these fun Happy Socks Friday Night Gift Boxed Socks!
Was £19.99 Now £14.99

Happy Socks 1 Pair Love Sandwich Socks
Feeling hungry? While we’re not sure what is on the sandwiches decorating these Happy Socks Love Sandwich Socks, we do know the socks themselves are deliciously soft, made using a quality cotton rich blend for a menu of benefits including wearing comfort, softness and breathability.
Was £11.99 Now £8.99

1 Pair Experia Ultra Light Dress Crew Socks Ladies - Thorlos
Described as the ‘perfect dress sock for all day comfort’ these Ladies Thorlos Experia Ultra Light Dress Crew Socks have been designed with many of the performance features found in the US brand’s sports and activity socks, but intended to be used alongside dress footwear. Exclusive Thor-lon fibre allows these socks to be lightweight, moisture wicking and breathable.
Was £17.99 Now £13.49

2 Pair Boss Logo Combed Cotton Trainer Liner Socks Men's - Hugo Boss
Light, non-cushioned low ankle socks to keep you covered without fuss and without being seen, these two pairs of men’s BOSS Logo Combed Cotton Trainer Liner Socks sit next beneath the ankle bone and below the edge of most trainers, giving you a ‘no-socks’ appearance. Wearing socks - even when you want to appear sock-free - is better for your skin, preventing abrasion, and even for the lining of your shoes, protecting them from early damage from salty sweat.
Was £12.99 Now £9.75

Mens 1 Pair Falke Airport Santa Clause Embroidered Wool Cotton Socks
The Christmas gift for men who want to celebrate but still look business-ready, these Falke Airport Santa Claus Embroidered Wool Cotton Socks are subtly festive-themed with Father Christmas’ famed red hat and white beard embroidered on the legs, but are otherwise plain, just the thing for office or formal wear wardrobes.
Was £21.99 Now £16.50

Happy Socks 1 Pair Run For It Socks
Not designed for running in, but definitely designed for runners and anyone who loves a good trainer, Happy Socks Run For It Socks are fun-designed socks all-over decorated with colourful sports shoe motifs.
Was £11.99 Now £8.99

Kids 1 Pair Happy Socks Disney Very Cherry Mickey Sock
Keep them looking fresh with these fruit-covered, colourful Happy Socks Disney Very Cherry Mickey Socks! Of course, being Disney, these are no ordinary kids’ socks… and no ordinary cherries either! A close look at the multicoloured cherry shapes reveals that each is actually a Mickey Mouse head!
Was £9.99 Now £7.49

Ladies 1 Pair Burlington Rubiks Cube Argyle Gift Boxed Socks With Key Ring
Don’t sit and scratch your head for a great gift idea - here’s the puzzle solved for you! This ladies’ set of Burlington Rubik's Cube Argyle Gift Boxed Socks with Key Ring gives you the perfect combination of entertainment and usefulness, and especially if someone in your life was ever addicted to the classic puzzle cube.
Was £16.99 Now £12.74

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