Google Fi Phone Plan

Mobile and Virtual Phone Services – Reviews

There are so many different mobile phone services today that navigating the various services can be confusing and challenging. The same is true of virtual phone numbers too; these are services with which you can sign up for a number in the location of your choice, and use it similarly to a regular number, without it being tied to a particular device. Each service always seems to have its pros and cons, and my experiences with a few of the providers are provided below.

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AA Breakdown Cover

AA UK Breakdown – Save 50% on AA Breakdown Cover Packages

With inflation rampant and holidays just around the corner, you wouldn’t be alone in wanting to try and find a few ways to make your money go further. AA UK Breakdown to the rescue! You can now save 50% off AA breakdown cover when you take out a new membership with “AA At Home”, “AA National Recovery” or “AA Onward Travel”. These are some significant savings. Read on for the details!

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GIMP - Image Manipulation Program

GIMP – How to Resize Images / Canvas / Layers

Knowing how to resize images in GIMP, and resizing the canvas and various layers, is one of the most basic skills you need for image manipulation. It’s not difficult to learn these skills, and once you’ve done it a few times it becomes second-nature. However, if you’re new to image-editing, or specifically to GIMP, then you may need a gentle pointer in the right direction. That’s what this tutorial hopes to achieve!

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Microsoft WSL

WSL2 – Add a Local SSL Certificate with mkcert

It’s often useful, if not essential, when developing a project or website on a local development to be able to use an SSL certificate. You can then test things out with https,  and get the little lock in your browser address bar. However, with the made-up domain  and local IP address of your local development machine, you can’t simply use something like LetsEncrypt. This is where mkcert comes in very useful. This article explains how to add SSL for local addresses on a machine with WSL2.

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Ryman Stationery

Ryman Stationery: Save On Luxury Parker Pens & Personalise Your Own

The Ryman Stationery store is a top UK destination for all things stationery and office-related, and there’s practically nothing in the way of office supplies you won’t find at Ryman. From desk-lamps to gaming desks, or 3D printing supplies to sketch pads, or any other conceivable office product, Ryman Stationery has you covered. And, right now, you can make some nice savings on luxury Parker pens, and even personalise your own. They also make great gifts!

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Damart Thermal Clothing

Damart – Up To 20% Off Flash Sale at Damart

If you’re looking for some quick savings ahead of the black-Friday mega-shopping-fest, Damart has you covered! Damart have just launched a flash pre black-Friday sale where customers can get 20% off on a range of selected items. There’s something for everyone in the sale, with clothing such as dresses, jackets, trousers, cardigans and more. While best known for its popular range of thermal-wear, Damart has plenty more besides.

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HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express – How to Add Scrolling Credits

So, your amazing movie is nearly finished, and naturally it will win lots of plaudits for excellence, and maybe even awards. But one thing remains; because you’re a decent guy/gal and a class act, you need to give credit to all of the talented people and resources that helped your movie come together. Cue scrolling credits! We’ll show you exactly how to create cool scrolling credits using HitFilm Express software.

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Learning English Grammar

Oxymoron Definitions and Examples

Are you ever confused by what people mean when they refer to something as an oxymoron? You’re not alone, and it’s also not uncommon for people to use the term incorrectly, referring to something as an oxymoron when it really isn’t. In this quick article, we’ll explain exactly what an oxymoron is and provide some examples too. So, read on and be confused no longer – you’ll soon be an oxymoron expert!

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Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows – Inverted Screen

If your Microsoft Windows screen has mysteriously turned upside down, or skipped from its natural landscape mode into portrait mode, then read on. It’s easily resolved. Or, if you want to have some gentle fun, and invert someone else’s screen, then carry on reading. We’d only ask that you don’t do this on any critical systems, and that you promptly re-instate screens to their original style in a timely manner.

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JD Williams

JD Williams: 20% Off Clothing & Footwear This Weekend

Here’s a quick way to save some money, if you’re looking for clothing and footwear! JD Williams online catalogue store is having a “20% Off Clothing & Footwear” offer this weekend – no strings attached. Read on for details of the discount code. We also have other JD Williams offers, and deals from Dorothy Perkins, Curvissa (plus-size clothing), Scotts of Stow, and other online merchants.

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