Emma Bridgewater

Emma Bridgewater – New Mugs in the Queen’s Commemorative Collection

Following the release of a collection of Emma Bridgewater spongeware pottery paying homage to the life and reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the previously released Queen’s Commemorative Collection is being extended. Newly added are the “Queen and Countrywoman ½ Pint Mug & Queen Elizabeth II Golden Years ½ Pint Mug”. So, if you’re an aficionado of Emma Bridgewater pottery, or looking for an unusual gift, read on!

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Studio Catalogue

Deals of the Day at Studio, Peacocks and Halfords

Here we have a few online special offers which can save you some money this weekend. These come from Studio catalogue store, Peacocks and Halfords. Each of these names is a well-established British brand, and between them you could pretty much furnish your home, fill your wardrobes and keep your car in good shape. So, in this inflation-wreaked economy, and possibly in the interests of personal austerity, these deals will hopefully be welcome news!

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Ryman Stationery

Ryman – Board Games! Save on Classics and New Releases

After you’ve successfully navigated the frantic Christmas shopping season, slayed the Christmas turkey, and had a few too many Quality Street chocolates, one’s attention naturally turns to that traditional pursuit of beating someone at Monopoly – or Scrabble, or Cluedo – or whatever your choice of weapon! At Ryman you can now make some nice savings on a wide selection games, both classic and new releases.

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Online Shopping

Damart, Curvissa, Peacocks – Latest Shopping Updates

Lots of online stores are either clearing out their end-of-summer lines or already pumping up for the autumn and Christmas seasons. So, there are usually plenty of special offers going on at this time of year. With that in mind, we now have a few sales updates for several stores which we’ve previously previewed – Damart, Curvissa and Peacocks. Each of these online stores has a different take on fashion, so if you’re looking for a wardrobe-refresh, then read on!

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Scotts of Stow

Scotts of Stow – Christmas Shop Now Open at Scotts of Stow

If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for your online Christmas shopping season to begin in earnest, then wait no more: the Scotts of Stow Christmas 2022 Shop is now open! You’ll find absolutely everything you need to prepare for the festive season at Scotts of Stow, from thoughtful and unusual gifts, to decorations large and small – for both inside and outside the home, Christmas lighting, and much else.

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Currys Electrical

Currys Electrical – Latest Currys Deals

Currys is always a popular destination for electrical goods and the latest tech and gaming products, and never more so than when there are some good deals to be had, like right now! We have a variety of the latest Currys special offers to tell you about, which includes mobile technology, gaming products, laptops and more. There’s also a terrific offer on ORAL B Pro 3 3900 Electric Toothbrushes! 

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Arena Flowers

Arena Flowers – Autumn Flowers Available at Arena Flowers

Pretty much any time is a good time to purchase flowers, whether it be for a gift or even for yourself (why not!). With that in mind, Arena Flowers now have their updated range of flowers available for the autumn, which we explore. If you’re more familiar with other online florists, you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking they’re all the same: Arena Flowers is officially recognized as the UK’s most ethical florist, with the awards to prove it.

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How to Set Cookies in WordPress

Setting Cookies in WordPress. As a budding WordPress developer or hobbyist, once you’ve become familiar with the basics of WordPress, you’ll no doubt want to experiment further by developing your own widgets and plugins, or by creating your own themes, etc. And, along the way you’ll at some point want to know how to set cookies in WordPress. Once you know how to do it, you’ll realize how simple it is to accomplish. Here we explain.

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Damart Thermal Clothing

Damart, UK: 20% Off & Free Delivery Ends Soon

As the cooler weather moves in for the autumn and winter it’s a great time to be thinking about shopping at Damart, with their patented range of thermal Thermolactyl range of clothing. With the soaring cost of heating, shopping at Damart for warmer clothing is an especially good idea this year – it could literally save you money on your electricity bill.  Damart’s unique, manmade fibre was among the first of its kind to help keep people warm and cosy in such soft and super-thin breathable fabrics.

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Computer Programmer

JavaScript & CSS – How to Determine Script Usage

Once you have your fancy new website looking pretty, one of the next things you might do is to try and optimize various aspects of it. This may include optimizing images so they load more quickly, and making sure the site is easily accessible for those with impaired vision, for example, and ensuring the site is usable on various types of device. These are all excellent ideas; another is to ensure that the JavaScript and CSS files being included in your pages are actually being utilized properly.

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